Patna Law College : Faculties

Name Designation Mobile Email
Dr. Mahammad Sharif Principal(Patna Law College) 2370510
Dr. Yogendra Kr.Verma Associate Professor Faculty of Law (Patna Law College) 09334198524
Dr. B. K. Gupta Reader Faculty of Law (Patna Law College) 9835238370
Dr. S. S. Singh Reader Professor Faculty of Law (Patna Law College) 8986031942
Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh, Dr. Salim Jawed, Dr. Vani Bhushan Admission Committee (Patna Law College) 8986031942 9852940987
Saurabh Assistant Professor (Patna Law College) 9560035302
Suruchi Assistant Professor (Patna Law College) 8804460565
Satish Kumar Assistant Professor (Patna Law College) 9451165425
Ravindra Kumar Assistant Professor 7739910999
Quemre Alam Assistant Professor 9760640745
Dr. Birendra Kumar Assistant Professor 8294643546