Patna Law College: Infrastructure

Auditorium/Seminar complex with infrastructural facilities–

  • Auditorium/seminar Hall having seating capacity of 300 persons.
  • Build up Area – 5976 sq. ft. or 555.39 sq.mts.
  • Multipurpose conference Hall/ Moot Hall/Moot Court Room.

Sports Facilities –

OneMultipurpose outdoor playground having facility to play Badminton, Volley Ball, Basket Ball and also have facility to play Indoor games like Table tennis, Chess, Carom Board etc. Other games like cricket and football,grounds of Patna College and Science College are utilized.

Hostel –

Boys Hostel

i.No. of Hostels – 02(Two) Patna Law College Old Hostel & Patna Law College New Hostel.

ii.No. of inmates – 52 single seated rooms inPatna Law College Old Hostel and 22 four seated rooms in Patna Law College New Hostel.

iii.Facilities – Entertainment room having Television withCable Connection,Medical Facility, Mess,Purified Drinking Water, Peons and Night Guard.

Girls Hostel–

i.The Patna University has three Girls Hostel in which desirous girlstudents of the college get accommodation.

ii.No of inmates – Number of students varies from session to session.

iii.Facilities- Purified Drinking water, Peon and Night Guard, Common RoomMess etc.

Residential facilities for Teaching and non teaching staff–

The University have quarters separately for teaching and non teaching staff in which desirous teaching and
non teaching staff get accommodation.

Cafeteria –

One canteen in which light snacks, tea, coffee, cold drinks etc. are available.

Health Centre –

The University has own dispensary and following services are available therein

Services available in Health Centre –
(a) Free outdoor consultation.

(b) Free availability of medicines to bonafide Health Card Holders.

(c) Pathological investigation at token charges prescribed by the University – Total WBC Count, Total RBC Count, Different WBC Count, Haemoglobin, ESR, Urine Routine examination, Stool routine examination, Blood Grouping,Montoux test ofTuberculosis.

(d) Biochemical Investigation – Blood Sugar, Blood Urea, Serum Billirubin, SGPT, Alkaline Phosphate, Serum Cholesterol, Serum Triglyceride, Serum Uric Acid, ASO Titre, TSH, Elisa for Koch’s, Creatinine.

(e) X-Ray Unit - Digitalized.

(f) Cardiology Unit - EGC done on token charges.

(g) Orthopaedic Unit.

(h) Physiotherapy Unit – Diathermy and Traction facilities are done on token charges.

(i) Gynaecological Unit.

(j) Eye Unit - The Unit is equipped with latest equipment like Auto Refractometer, Tonometer and Slit Lamp etc.

(k) Vaccination – Hepatitis B and Tetanus.

(l) T.B Unit – Montoux Test facility with free medicine.

(m) Community Activities – Health Camp regularly organize in the colleges and departments of the University which includes free blood sugar check up, blood group check up, vaccination against Hepatitis B in addition to free general check up andcheck up by orthopaedics, heart, eye specialists etc. Yoga camp are also organized by the dispensary.

Health Centre Staff –

Qualified Doctor (Full Time) –

1. Dr. Prabhakar Devraj –Chief Medical officerGeneral Physician.

2. Dr. Manju Mehta - Gynecologist.

3. Dr. Anil Kumar – Eye Specialist.

4. Dr. Khursheed Alam – Orthopaedician.

5. Dr. Ashok Kumar - Medical officer.

6. Dr. Richa Sinha - Medical officer.

7. Dr. Rita Kumari - Med.

4. Dr. Khursheed Alam – Orthopaedician.

5. Dr. Ashok Kumar - Medical officer.

6. Dr. Richa Sinha - Medical officer.

7. Dr. Rita Kumari - Med.

8. Dr. Shailedra Kumar –Surgeon.

9. Dr. M. K. Roy - Medical officer.

10. Dr. B.N Mishra – Medical officer.

Qualified Nurse /Compounder/ Pathologist/Radio Therapist etc. –

1. Sri Vijay Kumar Singh – Compounder.

2. Sri Manoj kumar Yadav – Compounder.

3. Sri Bhrigunath Tiwari – Vaccinator cum pathological lab technician.

4. Sri Nagendra Singh – X-ray cum dental technician.

5. Sri Satyanand Chaudhary – Technician cum dresser.

6. Sri Balmiki Prasad Singh – Technician cum Bisitor (TB).

7. Sri Vinay Bhushan Kumar – Phathological Technician.

Facilities like Banking/Post Office –There is one Post office & two NationalizedBanks are in the University Campus.

Transport facilities to cater to the needs of the students and staffs – No

Animal House – No

Biological Waste Disposal – In process Generator or other facility for management/regulation of electricity and voltage – One new 35KVA environment friendly generator& invertor with four 165 Amp.Batteries

Solid Waste Management Facility - In process

Waste Water Management – In process.

Water Harvesting – Yes.